Here at Route 3 Car Wash we are always looking for great people to add to our team!  We look for qualities such as character, positive attitude, positive appearance, and great customer service skills.  People that possess a desire to do things the right way simply because that is how they prefer to do them.  We want crew members that can think for themselves and that make a positive impact in our customer’s daily lives.  We look to add people that bring only their best each and every day no matter the circumstance and we believe this type of person adds to create a great culture for employees and customers alike.  


Route 3 Car Wash is a Drug-Free and equal opportunity employer.  All tips are given directly to the employee by the customer.  The employee keeps all tips given to him or her.  All employees can and will be responsible for tasks such as tunnel cleaning on rainy days, lot cleaning throughout shifts, any and all other tasks given by the manager on duty.  


Below are the positions at our wash.  Each description includes requirements, and a break down of what the position entails.  You may download and print the application and bring it in to our manager for review, or you may follow the link above to apply online and send us your resume so that we may learn more about you. We look forward to hearing from you!


SHIFT MANAGER - $11- $15/hr. Depending on Experience

Shift Manager is responsible for complete site operations.  Shift manager must be able to perform every duty at the facility. They will be in charge of opening and closing the car wash, the staff, the operations, customer service, and any and all issues that arise during their shift. They are in charge of all operations during any shift in which the General Manager is not present. Prior management experience is a must and prior car wash experience is extremely beneficial but not mandatory.  However mechanical experience in any fashion is a huge leg up. Must possess great customer service skills.  Great work ethic. Presentable and professional appearance.  


GREETER/CASHIER - Starts at $7.25/hr + Commissions & Bonuses. Average hourly is $10 - $12/hr:

This position requires an extremely high level of customer service skills.  The Greeter position is solely a customer service and sales position.  There is no labor involved in this position.  The greeter is the face of the business and the first person the customer will see when they arrive on the site.  The Greeter’s job is to inform and educate the customer on the services we offer.  The greeter receives commissions and bonuses based on upsales they make.  An average greeter can easily produce and additional $3/hr with very little effort.  Additional $10 - $12+/hr when they are good.  When bonuses are hit, the daily hourly can go to $17 - $20+/hr depending on length of shift. Sale experience is a huge plus, but a great demeanor, capacity to learn and understand our services, and positive attitude can be all you need


TUNNEL LOADER - Starts $9/hr. + Tips:

The Tunnel Loader is a very important part of the process at the car wash.  This position is one of standing still in the tunnel entrance for long periods of time in both extreme heat and extreme cold.  The Tunnel Loader is responsible for directing the customer on to the wash conveyor, inputting the correct wash package information into the system, prepping the car as needed per the paid package and sending the car through the tunnel.  Loaders must be a self thinking problem solver.  Must have a great customer service attitude.  Always smiling while interacting with the customers.  On many washes, the Greeter and the Loader are the only people the customer comes into contact with.


FULL SERVICE TECHNICIAN - Starts $7.25/hr + Tips. Average hourly is over $10/hr:

The Full Service Technician (FST) is a crucial part of our flex serve car wash model.  This is the most physically demanding position we offer and by far the most rewarding.  The Full Service Technician must be keep a clean and presentable appearance.  FST must be able to withstand extreme temperatures both cold and hot.  The responsibilities include drying cars, vacuuming cars, cleaning windows, applying tire shine to each full service vehicle and to all lot vehicles that require in shifts.  Each Full Service wash is given to a single FST to complete.  Once finished the FST is responsible for retrieving the vehicle owner and presenting their vehicle to them while acting as their own Quality Control and assuring that the customer has looked over the vehicle and that any of the customer’s needs have been met within the scope of the Full Service Service.  Any tips given to the FST by the customer are given directly and kept by the FST.